A gem that provides an interface for creating feature-driven operations. You've probably heard at least one of these terms: "service objects", "form objects", "intentions", or "commands". Subroutine calls these "ops" and really it's just about enabling clear, concise, testable, and meaningful code.


So you need to sign up a user? or maybe update one's account? or change a password? or maybe you need to sign up a business along with a user, associate them, send an email, and queue a worker in a single request? Not a problem, create an op for any of these use cases. Here's the signup example.

class SignupOp < ::Subroutine::Op

  string :name
  string :email
  string :password

  string :company_name

  validates :name, presence: true
  validates :email, presence: true
  validates :password, presence: true
  validates :company_name, presence: true

  outputs :user
  outputs :business


  def perform
    u = create_user!
    b = create_business!(u)


    output :user, u
    output :business, b

  def create_user!
    User.create!(name: name, email: email, password: password)

  def create_business!(owner)
    Business.create!(company_name: company_name, owner: owner)

  def deliver_welcome_email(u)

So why use this?

  • Avoid cluttering models or controllers with logic only applicable to one intention. You also don't need strong parameters because the inputs to the Op are well-defined.
  • Test the Op in isolation
  • Clear and concise intention in a single file
  • Multi-model operations become simple

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