Starling Terminal

Starling Terminal lets you view your Starling Bank statement right from your terminal. It's built on the open-source starling-ruby library for the Starling Bank API.

CircleCI Gem Version


Install the gem:

gem install starling_terminal

You'll need to get a personal access token for your Starling account. To get set up, head to the Starling Developers "Get Started" page and then scroll down to the "Personal Access" section for instructions. Set your access token as the environment variable $STARLING_ACCESS_TOKEN.

View your Starling Bank statement from your terminal:



The library must pass code checks by RSpec, Rubocop and Reek:

  • bundle exec rspec spec: checks the library against automated tests we've written
  • bundle exec rubocop: checks the code against established Ruby code style
  • bundle exec reek lib: checks the code for "code smells"

As part of our continuous integration (CI) process, we run RSpec, Rubocop and Reek in CircleCI on Ruby 2.4, Ruby 2.3 and Ruby 2.2. Feel free to push up your branch and open a pull request to have Circle test your code.


All contributions are welcome - just make a pull request, making sure you include tests and documentation for any public methods, and write a good, informative commit message/pull request body.

Check out to learn about how we can best work together as an open source community to make the Starling Ruby library as good as it can be.