A generator of Cucumber applications


This gem generates scaffolds for Cucumber web-oriented applications.

I spent a huge amount of time building Cucumber-based stacks to test my web applications. There are so many options, and sometimes they don't really get together. Should I use Cucumber/RSpec/Webrat/Mechanize, Cucumber/RSpec/Capybara/Selenium, Cucumber/Watir, or what else? How do I solve all the version conflicts that seem to spring out of nowhere when I put these libraries together? How do I wire up all the pieces in a stand-alone, non-Rails application?

Squash tries to save some time by generating a Cucumber-powered, Bundler-enabled web test application that is fully wired with the current popular favorite mix of gems: Cucumber, RSpec, Capybara and Akephalos. Once you've generated the Squash application, you can write your own features to

Current status

Experimental. This is just something that I'm trying out now for my own projects. At the moment, it should (might?) just give you an empty application with a working stack right now.

Squash it!

gem install squash
squash create my_app
cd my_app
bundle exec cucumber

Time to write your own features!