Better Less integration with Sprockets 2.x

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When using Sprockets 2.x with Less you will eventually run into a pretty big issue. //= require directives will not allow Less mixins, variables, etc. to be shared between files. So you'll try to use @import, and that'll also blow up in your face. sprockets-less aims to fix this.

Note: If you use Rails 3.1, you may want to use the less-rails gem. But if you want to use Sprockets and Less anywhere else, like Sinatra, use sprockets-less.


In your Rack application, setup Sprockets as you normally would, and require "sprockets-less":

require "sprockets"
require "sprockets-less"
require "less"

map "/assets" do
  environment = Sprockets::Environment.new
  environment.append_path "assets/stylesheets"
  run environment

map "/" do
  run YourRackApp


If you would like to configure any of the Less options, you can do so like this:

Sprockets::Less.options[:compress] = true

Import Hooks

Any @import to a .less file will automatically declare that file as a sprockets dependency to the file importing it. This means that you can edit imported framework files and see changes reflected in the parent durning development. So this:

@import "frameworks/bootstrap/mixins";

#leftnav { .border-radius(5px); }

Will end up acting as if you had done this below:

 *= depend_on "frameworks/bootstrap/mixins.less"

@import "frameworks/bootstrap/mixins";

#leftnav { .border-radius(5px); }


Warning: this is currently non-functional

When referencing assets use the following helpers in LESS.

asset-path(@relative-asset-path)  /* Returns a string to the asset. */
asset-path("rails.png")           /* Becomes: "/assets/rails.png" */

asset-url(@relative-asset-path)   /* Returns url reference to the asset. */
asset-url("rails.png")            /* Becomes: url(/assets/rails.png) */

As a convenience, for each of the following asset classes there are corresponding -path and -url helpers image, font, video, audio, javascript and stylesheet. The following examples only show the -url variants since you get the idea of the -path ones above.

image-url("rails.png")            /* Becomes: url(/assets/rails.png) */
font-url("rails.ttf")             /* Becomes: url(/assets/rails.ttf) */
video-url("rails.mp4")            /* Becomes: url(/videos/rails.mp4) */
audio-url("rails.mp3")            /* Becomes: url(/audios/rails.mp3) */
javascript-url("rails.js")        /* Becomes: url(/assets/rails.js) */
stylesheet-url("rails.css")       /* Becomes: url(/assets/rails.css) */

Lastly, we provide a data url method for base64 encoding assets.

asset-data-uri("rails.png")       /* Becomes: url(...) */

Please note that these helpers are only available server-side, and something like ERB templates should be used if client-side rendering is desired.


Sprocket::Less is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE file for details.