Sprocketize: Command-line utility for the sprockets gem Build Status


Usage: sprocketize [options] output_directory filename [filename ...]
    -a, --asset-root=DIRECTORY       Assets root path.
    -I, --include-dir=DIRECTORY      Adds the directory to the Sprockets load path.
    -d, --digest                     Incorporates a MD5 digest into all filenames.
    -m, --manifest [=DIRECTORY]      Writes a manifest for the assets. If no directory is
                                     specified the manifest will be written to the output directory.
    -g, --gzip                       Also create a compressed version of all Stylesheets and Javascripts.
    -s, --save                       Add given parameters to .sprocksrc
    -j [=COMPRESSOR],                Compress all Javascript using either closure, yui or uglifier. If no
                                     compiler is specified closure will be used.
    -c, --compress-stylesheets       Compress all Stylesheets with the YUI CSS compressor.
    -h, --help                       Show this help message.
    -v, --version                    Show version.

The options can also be set through a local options file in the asset root or through a global file in your home directory. target, assets and manifest_path are ignored when set in the global file.

target: target output directory
- include paths
- all files here will be compiled
manifest: true or false
manifest_path: output path for the manifest file
digest: true or false
gzip: true or false
js_compressor: either closure, yui or uglifier
compress_css: true or false

Include paths should always be absolute. Asset paths are always relative to the asset root. The other paths can either be absolute or relative. Relative paths are always relative to the asset root.


Copyright © 2011 Mato Ilic <[email protected]>

Sprockets is distributed under an MIT-style license. See LICENSE for details.