A Spree extension to make your store zoned.

Under Development! To Be Released Soon...


Everything you need for a zoned Spree store:

1. Zoned Pricing

Your products and variants have different prices in different zones/countries.

2. Zoned Products

Products are listed or not listed in your store, depending on zone/country.

3. Zoned Product Ordering

Specify the order in which products appear in your store, by zone.

4. Zoned Locales

Set locales (semi-) automatically by zone.

5. More features.

Give SpreeZoned a try now!


This Spree extension is probalbly essential to you if operating outside of the US.



rails generate spree_zoned:install


Example goes here.


ToDos go here.

Legal notice

Copyright © 2012 by Bernd Blume, released under the New BSD License