Last Address extension for Spree

During checkout, causes the address to be prefilled with the address from their most recent order or the user’s saved address (if available).

This relieves the customer of having to type in his address again on a second order. (The unnecessary typing make them more likely to bounce instead of completing the order.)

If your app allows a user to set and edit their "preferred" or "default" address (as reflected by user.bill_address/user.ship_address), and the user has set a preferred address for their account, that address will take priority and be used instead of the address from their most recent order. (Similar to spree-default-addresses.)

As of Spree 1.2, the belongs_to :bill_address and belongs_to :ship_address associations are provided for the Spree::User model by the spree_auth_devise gem . If those associations are not available or if the user doesn't have a saved address (which will be the case unless you've provided a way in your app to set an address), then it will just use the address from user's most recent order.


Just put this in your Gemfile:

gem 'spree_last_address', :git => "git://"


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Copyright (c) 2010 [Torsten Rüger], released under the New BSD License