sportweb gem - instant open sports web admin browser command line tool


Step 0: Build yourself a local worldcup database from scratch (zero).

Use the sportdb command line tool machinery to build yourself a local single-file SQLite database from the (online) datasets from scratch (zero) using the worldcup.rb datafile. Type in your shell:

$ mkdir worldcup
$ cd worldcup
$ sportdb new worldcup              # use the worldcup.rb datafile   

Step 1: Start the instant web server.

Type in your shell:

$ sportweb


$ sportweb worldcup.db

Note: The web server runs by default on port 3000.

>> Puma starting in single mode...
>> * Version 3.11.4 (ruby 2.4.4-p296), codename: Love Song
>> * Listening on tcp://
>> Use Ctrl-C to stop

Step 2: Open your web browser.

Open your web browser of choice (e.g. localhost:3000) and start browsing your open sports database (e.g. sport.db, football.db, worldcup.db, etc.).

Example - World Cup 2018 in Russia:

That's it.


Just install the gem:

$ gem install sportweb


The sportweb scripts are dedicated to the public domain. Use it as you please with no restrictions whatsoever.

Questions? Comments?

Send them along to the Open Sports & Friends Forum/Mailing List. Thanks!