SpeedPwn is a Ruby application that can generate a list of possible passwords for SpeedTouch/Thomson routers. BT Home hubs are not supported because they're not used here in The Netherlands.

Originally I wrote a Python script (which can be found in nostalgia/speedpwn.py) some time back in early 2009 to do this and I've used it over the years. After using it for almost 4 years I decided it was time I'd rewrite it in a decent way.

The algorithm used itself is nothing new and has been around since 2008. More information about this can be found on the following webpages:

In plain English the algorithm for the default passwords can be described as "Very dumb".


  • Ruby 1.9.3 or newer
  • OpenSSL


Install it from RubyGems:

gem install speedpwn

Unlike other projects this one is not signed in any way. I consider it more of a quick hobby/joke project and thus don't really want to bother with signing, checksums, etc. Install at your own risk.


Once installed, run it and pass the last 6 characters of the SSID:

speedpwn C28B9B

Generating the list of passwords can take a few minutes so go make some tea/coffee while you wait for it to complete.


All source code in this repository is licensed under the MIT license unless specified otherwise. A copy of this license can be found in the file "LICENSE" in the root directory of this repository.