Wrap any task with a Solr instance:

SolrWrapper.wrap do |solr|
  # Something that requires Solr

Or with Solr and a solr collection:

SolrWrapper.wrap do |solr|
  solr.with_collection(dir: File.join(FIXTURES_DIR, "basic_configs")) do |collection_name|

Basic Options

SolrWrapper.wrap port: 8983,
                 verbose: true,
                 managed: true,
                 instance_dir: '/opt/solr'

Valid ruby and YAML options

instance_dir Directory to store the solr index files
url URL of the Zip file to download
mirror_url Mirror to download the solr artifacts from (e.g.
version Solr version to download and install
port port to run Solr on
version_file Local path to store the currently installed version
download_dir Local path for storing the downloaded Solr zip file
solr_zip_path Local path to the Solr zip file
checksum Path/URL to checksum
solr_xml Path to Solr configuration
verbose (Boolean)
managed (Boolean)
ignore_checksum (Boolean)
solr_options (Hash)
env (Hash)
persist (Boolean) Preserves the data in you collection between startups
solr.with_collection(name: 'collection_name', dir: 'path_to_solr_configs')

From the command line

$ solr_wrapper -p 8983

To see a list of valid options when using solr_wrapper to launch a Solr instance from the command line:

$ solr_wrapper -h

Configuration file

SolrWrapper can read configuration options from a YAML configuration file. By default, it looks for configuration files at .solr_wrapper and ~/.solr_wrapper.

You can also specify a configuration file when launching from the command line as follows:

$ solr_wrapper --config <path_to_config_file>

Cleaning your repository from the command line

By defualt SorlWrapper will clean out your data when it shuts down. If you utilize the preserve option your data will remain between runs.

To clean out data that is being preserved explicitly run:

$ solr_wrapper <configuration options> clean

Note You must use the same configuration options on the clean command as you do on the run command to clean the correct instance.

Rake tasks

SolrWrapper provides rake tasks for installing, starting and stopping solr. To include the tasks in your Rake environment, add this to your Rakefile

  require 'solr_wrapper/rake_task'

You can configure the tasks by setting SolrWrapper.default_instance_options. For example:

SolrWrapper.default_instance_options = {
    verbose: true,
    cloud: true,
    port: '8888',
    version: '5.3.1',
    instance_dir: 'solr',
    download_dir: 'tmp'
require 'solr_wrapper/rake_task'