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Solidus Sitemap is a sitemap generator based on the sitemap_generator gem. It adheres to the Sitemap 0.9 protocol specification. This is a continuation of the original Spree version, updated to work with the Solidus eCommerce platform.


  • Notifies search engine of new sitemaps (Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing)
  • Supports large huge product catalogs
  • Adheres to 0.9 Sitemap protocol specification
  • Compresses sitemaps with gzip
  • Provides basic sitemap of a Solidus site (products, taxons, login page, signup page)
  • Easily add additional sitemaps for pages you add to your solidus site
  • Supports Amazon S3 and other hosting services
  • Thin wrapper over battle tested sitemap generator

Configuration Options

Check out the README for the sitemap_generator.


  1. Add the gem to your Solidus store's Gemfile:

    gem 'solidus_sitemap', github: 'solidusio-contrib/solidus_sitemap', branch: 'master'
  2. Update your bundle:

   $ bundle install
  1. Run the installer, it will create a config/sitemap.rb file with some sane defaults
   $ rails g solidus_sitemap:install
  1. Add the sitemap to your .gitignore, since it will be regenerated server-side.
   $ echo "public/sitemap*" >> .gitignore
  1. Set up a cron job to regenrate your sitemap via the rake sitemap:refresh task. If you use the Whenever gem, add this to your config/schedule.rb:
   every, at: '5:00 am' do
     rake '-s sitemap:refresh'
  1. Ensure crawlers can find the sitemap, by adding the following line to your public/robots.txt with your correct domain name
   $ echo "Sitemap:" >> public/robots.txt



If you upgrade from early versions of solidus_sitemap you need to change your sitemaps from:

SitemapGenerator::Sitemap.add_links do
  # ...

to this:

SitemapGenerator::Sitemap.create do
  # ...


See corresponding guidelines

Copyright (c) 2016 Stembolt

Copyright (c) 2011-2015 Jeff Dutil and other contributors, released under the New BSD License.