Solidus Mercado Pago Payment Method.

Circle CI

This project is a fork from spree version maintained by ngelx.

gem 'solidus_mercadopago', git: "[email protected]:magma-labs/solidus_mercadopago.git"

You should run inside your project

bundle exec rails g solidus_mercadopago:install

This will import assets and migrations

Basic Setup

Retrieve Mercado pago account details

You'll need the following account details:

  • Client ID
  • Client secret
  • Sandbox (A boolean value to indicate if we're using the sandbox or not)

These values can be obtained by logging in to your Mercado Pago account, going to Credentials -> Basic checkout

Create a new payment method

Payment methods can accept preferences either directly entered in admin.

  1. Visit /admin/payment_methods/new
  2. Set Mercadopago as provider.
  3. Save to update the form
  4. Set your credentials into the corresponding fields

By default, your preferences can be gained from your environment vars (MERCADOPAGO_CLIENT_ID, MERCADOPAGO_CLIENT_SECRET), except by sandbox; its default value is true.

Other option is create the payment method from admin interface:


  • Add a new payment method in the admin panel of type Spree::PaymentMethod::Mercadopago
  • After adding the payment method you will be able to configure your Client ID and Client Secret (provided by Mercado Pago).


For IPN you need to configure the notification URL in Mercado Pago's site. The notification URL will be http[s]://[your_domain]/mercado_pago/ipn. Please review Mercado Pago's documentation at for the correct place where to configure IPN notification URLs.


  • Clone this repo
  • ln -s docker-compose-{platform}.yml docker-compose.yml
  • docker-sync start Only in mac
  • docker-compose up
  • docker-compose run web bundle exec rake test_app to build a dummy app directory inside specs
  • docker-compose run web bundle exec rspec spec