Solidus Gateway

Community supported Solidus Payment Methods. It works as a wrapper for active_merchant gateways. Note that for some gateways you might still need to add another gem to your Gemfile to make it work. For example active_merchant require braintree but it doesn't include that gem on its gemspec. So you need to manually add it to your rails app Gemfile.


This extension is only ported over to Solidus to continue supporting stores upgrading from Spree.

For new stores we strongly recommend using one of these payment provider extensions:

Although we will keep supporting Bug fixes for existing payment methods we will not accept new payment methods to be included in this gem.

Please create your own extension for new payment methods. Take one of the above examples as starting point for your extension.


In your Gemfile:

gem "solidus_gateway"

Then run from the command line:

bundle install
rails g solidus_gateway:install

Finally, make sure to restart your app. Navigate to Settings > Payments > Payment Methods in the admin panel. You should see a number of payment methods and the assigned provider for each. Click on the payment method you wish to change the provider, and you should see a number of options under the provider dropdown.


Then just run the following to automatically build a dummy app if necessary and run the tests:

bundle exec rake