Frontend contains controllers and views implementing a storefront and cart for Solidus.

Override views

In order to customize a view you should copy the file into your host app. Using Deface is not recommended as it provides lots of headaches while debugging and degrades your shops performance.

Solidus provides a generator to help with copying the right view into your host app.

Simply call the generator to copy all views into your host app.

$ bundle exec rails g solidus:views:override

If you only want to copy certain views into your host app, you can provide the --only argument:

$ bundle exec rails g solidus:views:override --only products/show

The argument to --only can also be a substring of the name of the view from the app/views/spree folder:

$ bundle exec rails g solidus:views:override --only product

This will copy all views whose directory or filename contains the string "product".

Handle upgrades

After upgrading Solidus to a new version run the generator again and follow on screen instructions.


Run the tests

bundle exec rspec