API contains the controllers and Jbuilder views implementing the REST API of Solidus.


Run the API tests:

bundle exec rspec


The API documentation is in the openapi directory. It follows the OpenAPI specification and it is hosted on Stoplight Docs.

If you want to contribute, you can use Stoplight Studio. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Create a new Stoplight Studio project
  2. Copy-paste the content of openapi/solidus-api.oas.yml into your project
  3. Edit the endpoints and models as needed
  4. Copy-paste the result back into openapi/solidus-api.oas.yml
  5. Open a PR!

Note: Only use embedded models in Stoplight Studio, as Stoplight Docs is not compatible with externally-defined models!

CircleCI automatically syncs our Git repo with Stoplight Docs when a PR is merged, and automatically publishes a new version on Docs when a new Solidus version is released.

  • solidus-sdk: created by Joel Saupe at Deseret Book, this is a JS SDK that allows you to use the Solidus API. It even supports plug-ins, so you can easily extend it with the endpoints provided by your Solidus extensions!