A Ruby interface for the Solaris kstat library.


Solaris 8 (SunOS 2.8) or later.


gem install solaris-kstat


require 'solaris/kstat'
require 'pp'
include Solaris

k ='cpu_info', 0, 'cpu_info0')
pp k.record


Class Methods, instance=-1, name=nil)

Creates and returns a Kstat object. This does not traverse the kstat
chain. The Kstat#record method uses the values passed to actually
retrieve data.

You may specify a module, an instance and a name. The module defaults to
nil (all modules), the instance defaults to -1 (all instances) and the
name defaults to nil (all names).

Instance Methods


Returns a nested hash based on the values passed to the constructor. How
deeply that hash is nested depends on the values passed to the constructor.
The more specific your criterion, the less data you will receive.

Unsupported names

The following names will not return any meaningful value:

* kstat_headers
* sfmmu_global_stat
* sfmmu_percpu_stat

Known Issues

None at this time. Please report any issues on the project page at

Designer's Notes

I have noticed that results from the cpu_stat module differ from the output
of the 'kstat' command line tool. I am convinced that my code is correct and
that there is a bug in the Solaris::Kstat Perl module. Unfortunately, the
source for the version of the Solaris::Kstat Perl module that works on
Solaris 8 and later is not available (the version on CPAN only works on
Solaris 6 and 7).

See for more details.


Thanks go to Charlie Mills for help with the 'volatile' issue for the
original C code.

Future Plans

Add snaptime and crtime information to the statistics hash.


Artistic 2.0
(C) 2003-2015 Daniel J. Berger
All Rights Reserved


Although this library is free, please consider having your company
setup a gittip if used by your company professionally.


This package is provided "as is" and without any express or
implied warranties, including, without limitation, the implied
warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.


Daniel J. Berger

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