SocialCast gem is a ruby interface to the SocialCast REST API


gem install socialcastr


# configure the connection 
Socialcastr.configuration do |socialcast|
  socialcast.username = "[email protected]"
  socialcast.password = "password"
  socialcast.domain   = ""

# obtain an instance of the API (useful to directly issue get, put, post, delete commands)
api = Socialcastr.api

# find all messages (currently returns just one page - 20 elements)
messages = Socialcastr::Message.find(:all)

# build a new message object 
message =
              :title => "hallo world!", 
              "body" => "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua."
          ) # => true

# persist the message to Socialcast

# comment a message
message.comment! :text => "Hallo world"

# search for messages
messages = => "test")


This is just the first draft of the wrapper. It can be improved in many, many ways. The API is not completely covered either: some of interesing stuff, like message and comments attachments have been left out. One current limitation is that the parser will refuse to consider elements that contain a dot, so I'm excluding those deliberately for the time being (see lib/socialcastr/sax/active_resource.rb#start_element).

Feel free to help (see Contributing below)


  • Base
    • CRUD for nested objects (comments, likes, attachments)

Contributing to the code (a.k.a. submitting a pull request)

  1. Fork the project.
  2. Create a topic branch.
  3. Implement your feature or bug fix.
  4. Commit and push your changes.
  5. Submit a pull request. Please do not include changes to the gemspec, version, or history file. (If you want to create your own version for some reason, please do so in a separate commit.)

Copyright (c) 2011 Riccardo Cambiassi. See LICENSE for details.