Snmpscan is a simple, yet powerful (and fast!) command-line SNMP scanner. Its aim is to reproduce the funcionalities of popular tools such as nbtscan, scanssh, smtpscan and other.


Home page: Project page (and download):


You must have Ruby installed (of course!) and the wonderful SNMP Ruby library written by Dave Halliday ( Download a copy from or simply do a

# gem install snmp


If you got this software on a tarball tgz, simply install it with

# ruby setup.rb

Otherwise you can use gem:

# gem install snmpscan


Directly from the online help:

   Scans host with default values 

snmpscan -t 200 -c comread -m sysName
   Scans a range of 255 addresses for mib sysName.0, with comunity
   password "comread" and a timeout value of 200 milliseconds

If you use the -V (–verbose) option, you will have more output, like a string with the motivation for the failed scan for every host:

snmpscan -V   host not responding   host not responding

and so on.


This software is written by Marco Ceresa. [email protected]

License: Ruby.