smoke is a Ruby based DSL that allows you to query web services such as YQL, RSS / Atom and JSON or XML in an elegant manner.

These "services" can then be re-represented, sorted and filtered. Data can be collected from multiple sources, sorted via a common property, chopped up and refried.

Then you can output as a plain ruby object or one of your other favourites (JSON, YAML, XML)

Examples of use



gem install smoke

The concept

The concept comes from using Yahoo Pipes to make web based mash ups: Get a list of tv shows for my torrent client, compile a recipe book or make tools to give me a list of albums that artists in my music library are about to be released.

Using with web services

Smoke has its own special rack based library to expose your sources web services. Checkout rack-smoke for more details

How or what to contribute

  • Test everything you do
  • Add a way to output (XML, anyone?)
  • Examples of queries you'd like to be able to do (email / github message them to me)

API Examples


# This will use yahoo search to get an array of search results about Ruby
Smoke.yql(:ruby) do
  select  :all
  from    "search.web"
  where   :query, "ruby"

  discard :title, /tuesday/i

Smoke.yql(:python) do
  select  :all
  from    "search.web"
  where   :query, "python"

Join sources and use them together

Smoke.join(:ruby, :python)

or even

Smoke.join(:python, :ruby) do
  emit do
    sort :title
    rename :shit_name => :title

Define a source allowing for variables to be injected later

Source definition:

Smoke.feed :delicious do
  prepare do
    url "{username}?count=15"



TODO (working on, just mental notes)

  • Items returned from smoke to be Hashie "rich" objects
  • Output as a web feed (atom, rss)
    • How to push through values like "author"?
    • Passing modified time headers through to the atom formatter

For wiki pages (docs, later)

  • Document all sources with their irrespective differential methods
  • How to use path
  • YQL Definitions
  • Tranformations
  • Insert
  • Joining
  • Variable injection
  • Sort, Reverse
  • Keep, Discard
  • Truncate
  • Manually setting the content type for a url

Copyright (c) 2009 Ben Schwarz. See LICENSE for details.