skm -- Ssh Key Manager

Skm is a tool to manage your multiple ssh keys.

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gem install skm


Create a new key:

skm create my_new_key

Create a new key with comment:

skm create my_new_key -C "[email protected]"

Switch to another key:

skm use key_name

NOTE: ssh-agent may need to be disabled for this new key to be valid!

List all keys:

skm list

For example, first we create two keys:

skm create key1
skm create key2

Then we switch to key1:

skm use key1

After done some work, we could then switch to key2:

skm use key2

Use skm --help and skm [command] --help to read more.

Where are my keys?

By default, all your keys are put in ~/.skm. But you can use other directories by using --skm-dir option on command line.