A simple ruby on rails sitemap generator.


Install the gem:

gem install sitemap

Or as a plugin:

rails plugin install git://

Then create the initial config file:

rails g sitemap:install


In your sitemap config file, paths can be indexed as follows:

Sitemap::Generator.instance.load :host => "" do
  path :root, :priority => 1
  path :faq, :priority => 0.5, :change_frequency => "weekly"
  literal "/my_blog" #helpful for vanity urls layering search results
  resources :activities, :params => { :format => "html" }
  resources :articles, :objects => proc { Article.published }

Please read the docs for a more comprehensive list of options.

Building the sitemap:

rake sitemap:generate

By default the sitemap gets saved in the current application root path. You can change the save path by passing a LOCATION environment variable or using a configuration option:

Sitemap.configure do |config|
  config.save_path = "/home/user/apps/my-app/shared"

Ping search engines:

rake sitemap:ping

Setting defaults

You may change the defaults for either params or search options as follows:

Sitemap.configure do |config|
  config.params_format = "html"
  config.search_change_frequency = "monthly"

Large sites

Google imposes a limit of 50000 entries per sitemap and maximum size of 10 MB. To comply with these rules, sitemaps having over 10.000 urls are being split into multiple files. You can change this value by overriding the max urls value:

Sitemap.configure do |config|
  config.max_urls = 50000


This package is licensed under the MIT license and/or the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike.