Sitelink Generator

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This sitelink generator "decorates" organic web results to provide additional, value-added links to help searchers find what they're looking for.

See the sample results page below that shows sitelink-generated links for EDGAR filings for a search on apple on

Sitelink-generated links for EDGAR filings on


Add sitelink_generator to your Gemfile and bundle install:

gem 'sitelink_generator'

Available Generators

Available generators include:


require 'sitelink_generator'

url = ''
SitelinkGenerator::SecEdgar.generate url
#=> [{:title=>"Full Filing",
#     :url=>""},
#    {:title=>"Most Recent Filings for this Company",
#     :url=>""}]

Supported Ruby Versions

  • Ruby 2.1


If you think you found a bug in SitelinkGenerator, you can submit an issue.