The breakout gem from SitePrism to perform recursion checks for #all_there?

This gem is a breakout of the current SitePrism::Page#all_there? and SitePrism::Section#all_there? methods which already exist in the core gem proper.

The gem is currently released as 1.0 meaning it is version stable. It will be added as default functionality in site_prism version 4. Which is slated for release early 2022!


Add the following code to either spec_helper.rb or env.rb

require 'site_prism/all_there'

SitePrism.use_all_there_gem = true

# or...

SitePrism.configure do |config|
  config.use_all_there_gem = true

Happy Testing / Developing!

The SitePrism team