Geoloqi plugin for Sinatra

Easy drop-in Sinatra plugin for Geoloqi. All you need to do is require it, configure the settings and you're ready to go with Geoloqi application development!


gem install sinatra-geoloqi


First, go to the Geoloqi Developers Site and create an application on the "Your Apps" page.

Then, you can use it like this. This is the standard way with classic mode:

require 'sinatra'
require 'sinatra/geoloqi'

set :geoloqi_client_id,     'YOUR_APP_ID_GOES_HERE'
set :geoloqi_client_secret, 'YOUR_APP_SECRET_GOES_HERE'
set :geoloqi_redirect_uri,  ''
set :session_secret,        'ENTER_RANDOM_TEXT_HERE'

before do

get '/?' do
  username = geoloqi.get('account/username')[:username]
  "You have successfully logged in as #{username}!"

For "classy mode", don't forget to register the plugin explicitly:

register Sinatra::Geoloqi

Found a bug?

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