JSON formatter for SimpleCov

Note: To learn more about SimpleCov, check out the main repo at https://github.com/simplecov-ruby/simplecov

Generates a formatted JSON report of your SimpleCov ruby code coverage results on ruby 2.4+. Originally intended to add simplecov's results reading capacity to CI tools.


You can expect for this gem to produce a coverage.json file, located at the coverage folder.

Depending on your SimpleCoV's settings you will experiment different outcomes. Particularly depending on which type of coverage are you running SimpleCov with:

  • If you configure SimpleCov to run with branch coverage you should expect an output formatted like sample_with_branch.json
  • Otherwise you should expect an output formatted like sample.json


We encourage you to use docker for common operations like running tests, or debugging your code. Running make sh will start a new container instance based on the Dockerfile provided at root, finally a shell prompt will be displayed on your terminal. Also, syncronization with your local files will be already set.


make test will trigger the excution of both running tests and running rubocop as linter, by simply running rake, this actions will be run inside a new container but using your local files.


make format will run rubocop -a which stands for autocorrect and format your code according to the .rubocop.yml config file.

See License