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SimpleResource speeds up development of standard Rails applications by integrating Inherited Resources, inherited views and form builders together.


  • Everything is customizable application-wide and per resource
  • Internationalization support
  • Support for your own form builders
  • Support for external form builders
  • Support for CanCan


  • Ruby 1.9 or greater
  • Rails 3.2 or greater


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem "simple_resource"

And then execute:

$ bundle


Inherit your resource controllers from SimpleResource::BaseController. For example:

class ProjectsController < SimpleResource::BaseController

That's it. Your resource now uses Formtastic as a form builder, views from SimpleResource and restful actions from Inherited Resources.

Configuring form builder

You can configure which form builders you want to use. Configuration can be done application-wide or per resource.

For example, if you like to use simple_form by default for all your resources, configure the builder in the app/views/simple_resource/_form.html.erb:

<%= render_form "simple_form" %>

If you like to use simple_form only for products resource, put the above line into the app/views/products/_form.html.erb.

Creating own form builder

Put your form builder into the app/views/simple_resource/builders/_my_builder.html.erb:

  <% fields.each do |field| %>
    <%= input_field_tag(field) %>
  <% end %>
  <%= submit_tag "Submit" %>

Then use it (see section "Configuring form builder"):

<%= render_form "my_builder" %>

Overriding views

You may override SimpleResource views application-wide or per resource.


If you have any questions or issues with SimpleResource, or if you like to report a bug, please create an issue on GitHub.


MIT License. Copyright (c) 2012 Jari Jokinen. See LICENSE for further details.