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Brings ES6 object initializer sugar to Ruby.


suppose you have these variables

year = 2016
month = 3
day = 30
hour = 18
minute = 50
second = 23

Build a hash requires much redundancy:

{year: year, month: month, day: day, hour: hour, minute: minute, second: second}

With SimpleHash, build like this:

SimpleHash{[:year, :month, :day, :hour, :minute, :second]}

Further, you can load the short cut by calling SimpleHash.short_cut!, this method would add a method #h to Object. Then you can build like this:

h{[:year, :month, :day, :hour, :minute, :second]}

Support ruby version

  • MRI ~> 2.1
  • rubinius ~> 3.15

This gem uses Binding#local_variable_get, makes MRI < 2.1 and rubinius < 3.15 lack of support. Using eval may solve the problem, but evaling an user passed string may cause problems.


Install the gem

gem install simple_hash

or require it in your Gemfile

gem 'simple_hash'



bundle exec rspec


This gem is released under the MIT License