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Sidekiq is probably the best background processing framework today. At the same time, memory leaks are very hard to tackle in Ruby and we often find ourselves with growing memory consumption. Instead of spending herculean effort fixing leaks, why not kill your processes when they got to be too large?

Highly inspired by Gitlab Sidekiq MemoryKiller and Noxa Sidekiq killer.

quick-refs: install | usage | available options | development


Use Bundler

gem "sidekiq-worker-killer"


Add this to your Sidekiq configuration.

require 'sidekiq/worker_killer'

Sidekiq.configure_server do |config|
  config.server_middleware do |chain|
    chain.add Sidekiq::WorkerKiller, max_rss: 480

Available options

The following options can be overrided.

Option Defaults Description
max_rss 0 MB (disabled) max RSS in megabytes. Above this, shutdown will be triggered.
grace_time 900 seconds when shutdown is triggered, the Sidekiq process will not accept new job and wait at most 15 minutes for running jobs to finish. If Float::INFINITY specified, will wait forever.
shutdown_wait 30 seconds when the grace time expires, still running jobs get 30 seconds to terminate. After that, kill signal is triggered.
kill_signal SIGKILL Signal to use kill Sidekiq process if it doesn't terminate.
gc true Try to run garbage collection before Sidekiq process terminate in case of max_rss exceeded.
skip_shutdown_if false Executes a block of code after max_rss exceeds but before requesting shutdown.

skip_shutdown_if is expected to return anything other than false or nil to skip shutdown.

require 'sidekiq/worker_killer'

Sidekiq.configure_server do |config|
  config.server_middleware do |chain|
    chain.add Sidekiq::WorkerKiller, max_rss: 480, skip_shutdown_if: ->(worker, job, queue) do
      worker.to_s == 'LongWorker'


Pull Requests are very welcome!

There are tasks that may help you along the way in a makefile:

make console # Loads the whole stack in an IRB session.
make test # Run tests.
make lint # Run rubocop linter.

Please make sure that you have tested your code carefully before opening a PR, and make sure as well that you have no style issues.


See the list of contributors who participated in this project.


Please see LICENSE