Shoutcast API

Simple API for Uses httparty and roxml for fetching and parsing data from


require 'shoutcast_api'

# Stations => "Chronix").each do |station|
  p station
  puts station.tunein
end => "Metal")

# Genres
Shoutcast.genres # => all genres

Install via gemcutter

gem install gemcutter
gem tumble
gem install shoutcast_api


git clone git://
cd shoutcast_api
gem install mocha

Command line

shoutcast_api               # List genres

shoutcast_api name=Chronix  # Search for station "Chronix"

# Search for station with genre "metal", bitrate 128 and media type "audio/mpeg"
shoutcast_api genre=metal br=128 mt=audio/mpeg


  • Peter Suschlik


  • Use fakeweb for mocking http requests

  • README.rdoc as main page for rdoc?!

  • command line options transformations