Make gem version with autoicrement build number.

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set_version *vers, git: false, message: 'Build #%<version>s', tag: false
  • vers — version numbers: major, minor, patch; and beta-flag — String or Symbol like 'alpha', 'beta', 'pre', 'rc' etc.
  • git: — named parameter — boolean. If set to true, method will check where gemspec is under git control, add gemvers-file to git, and commit with message.
  • message: — template for git commit message, can use named placeholders:
    • :version — result full version;
    • :major, :minor, :patch and :beta — parameters of calling;
    • :build — build number.
  • tag: — if true and git enabled it is adding tag named by version.

Usage do |g|

  # some settings
  # g.files = [. . .]
  # important! files _must_ be set _before_ set_version call

  g.set_version 1, 0, 0, 'beta'


See example in gemspec.