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Sensu Asset

The Sensu assets packaged from this repository are built against the Sensu ruby runtime environment. When using these assets as part of a Sensu Go resource (check, mutator or handler), make sure you include the corresponding Sensu ruby runtime asset in the list of assets needed by the resource. The current ruby-runtime assets can be found here in the Bonsai Asset Index.



  • bin/check-banner.rb
  • bin/check-netfilter-conntrack.rb
  • bin/check-jsonwhois-domain-expiration.rb
  • bin/check-mtu.rb
  • bin/check-multicast-groups.rb
  • bin/check-netstat-tcp.rb
  • bin/check-ping.rb
  • bin/check-ports-nmap.rb
  • bin/check-ports.rb
  • bin/check-ports-bind.rb
  • bin/check-rbl.rb
  • bin/check-socat.rb
  • bin/check-whois-domain-expiration-multi.rb
  • bin/check-whois-domain-expiration.rb
  • bin/metrics-interface.rb
  • bin/metrics-net.rb
  • bin/metrics-netif.rb
  • bin/metrics-netstat-tcp.rb
  • bin/metrics-ping.rb
  • bin/metrics-sockstat.rb


check-ports This check now uses a TCPSocket, not nmap (see next below)

check-ports.rb -h, -p 22,25,3030 -t 30

Usage: bin/check-ports.rb (options)
    -H, --hostnames HOSTNAME         Hosts to connect to
    -p, --ports PORTS                Ports to check, comma separated
    -t, --timeout SECS               Connection timeout


Usage: bin/check-ports-nmap.rb (options)
    -h, --host HOST                  Resolving name or IP address of target host
    -l, --level crit|warn            Alert level crit(critical) or warn(warning)
    -t, --ports PORT,PORT...         TCP port(s) you wish to get status for


  "check-multicast-groups": [
    ["eth0", ""]


Installation and Setup