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  • bin/check-dcos-component-health.rb
  • bin/check-dcos-container-count.rb
  • bin/check-dcos-container-metrics.rb
  • bin/check-dcos-jobs-health.rb
  • bin/check-dcos-metrics.rb
  • bin/check-dcos-node-health.rb
  • bin/check-dcos-ping.rb
  • bin/metrics-dcos-containers.rb
  • bin/metrics-dcos-host.rb
  • bin/metrics-dcos-system-health.rb


Checking Metrics

The following example checks that the count of running processes is between 150 and 300

  • a warning message will be triggered if the count is below 150 or above 300
  • a critical message will be triggered if the count is below 100 or above 350
check-dcos-metrics.rb -u '' -m 'process.count' -w 150 -c 100 -W 300 -C 350

In some cases the metric name is not unique but you can filter metrics by tags using the --filter option followed by TAG_NAME:TAG_VALUE You can also check deltas, if you pass the -d option the plugin will keep the previous value in a daybreak db and compare the new value against it.

check-dcos-metrics.rb -m '' -d -f interface:docker0 -C 2 -W 1

Run check-dcos-me.rb -h for all the options.

Check configuration example:

This is an example how to use this plugin to ship metrics to InfluxDB using the sensu-extensions-influxdb extension:

  "checks": {
    "dcos-host-metrics": {
      "type": "metric",
      "command": "/opt/sensu/embedded/bin/metrics-dcos-host.rb",
      "influxdb": {
        "templates": {
          "dcos\\..*\\.filesystem\\.": "source.type.measurement.field2.nil.nil.path*",
          "dcos\\..*\\.network\\.": "source.type.measurement.field2.nil.nil.interface*",
          "dcos\\.": "source.type.measurement.field*"
        "tags": {
          "group": "node"

metrics-dcos-containers.rb can be used in the same way to ship container metrics (from frameworks not apps) specify a comma seperated list of the dimensions you require in the oupput to the --dimensions flag. example metrics-dcos-containers.rb --dimensions 'framework_name,excutor_id'

Host Health Check

The check-dcos-ping.rb will return OK if the host reports itself as heathy or CRITICAL otherwize

check-dcos-ping.rb -h ''

Jobs Health Check

The check-dcos-jobs-health.rb will return OK if the job is successfully executed for the last 15 minutes or CRITICAL if the tasks return FAILED or KILLED or the job is stuck take longer than (15 minutes - threshold )

check-dcos-jobs-health.rb -u 'http://leader.mesos:5050/tasks' -p jobname -w 1000 -t 200 


Installation and Setup


bundle install
bundle exec rake
bundle exec rake build

You'll find the gem in the /pkg/ folder