ScoutApm Ruby Agent

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A Ruby gem for detailed Rails application performance monitoring 📈. Metrics and transaction traces are reported to Scout, a hosted application monitoring service.

What's the special sauce? 🤔

The Scout agent is engineered to do some wonderful things:

Getting Started

Add the gem to your Gemfile

gem 'scout_apm'

Update your Gemfile

bundle install

Signup for a Scout account and put the provided config file at RAILS_ROOT/config/scout_apm.yml.

Your config file should look like:

common: &defaults
  monitor: true

  monitor: false

  <<: *defaults

DevTrace Quickstart

To use DevTrace, our free, no-signup, in-browser development profiler:

  1. Add the gem to your Gemfile:
# Gemfile
gem 'scout_apm'
  1. Start your Rails app with the SCOUT_DEV_TRACE environment variable:
SCOUT_DEV_TRACE=true rails server

How to test gem locally

  • Point your gemfile at your local checkout: gem 'scout_apm', path: '/path/to/scout_apm_ruby
  • Compile native code: cd /path/to/scout_apm_ruby && bundle exec rake compile


For the complete list of supported frameworks, Rubies, configuration options and more, see our help site.


Email [email protected] if you need a hand.