Collection of utilities to make ruby …more friendly from the get-go [really things that should have been added to core, because of immense convenience]

Currently this includes:

require_rel glob

* require a file relative to the current file, i.e.
>> require_rel 'lib/filename'


# ex:
>> [1,2,3]
=> true


like print, but with a carriage return at the end:
>> println 1,2,3
(prints 123\n)


#new enumerable #map
>> [1,2,3].map(:to_s) # applies it automatically! far less ugly than [1,2,3].map &:to_s
=> ["1", "2", "3"]

and Thread.abort_on_exception=true # kill program if a child thread dies–alert you earlier!

Don't leave home without these!