safely do
  # keep going if this code fails

Exceptions are rescued and automatically reported to your favorite reporting service.

In development and test environments, exceptions are raised so you can fix them.

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Add this line to your application’s Gemfile:

gem 'safely_block'

Use It Everywhere

“Oh no, analytics brought down search”

safely { track_search(params) }

“Recommendations stopped updating because of one bad user”

users.each do |user|
  safely { update_recommendations(user) }

Also aliased as yolo.


Pass extra context to be reported with exceptions

safely context: {user_id: 123} do
  # code

Specify a default value to return on exceptions

show_banner = safely(default: true) { show_banner_logic }

Raise specific exceptions

safely except: ActiveRecord::RecordNotUnique do
  # all other exceptions will be rescued

Pass an array for multiple exception classes.

Rescue only specific exceptions

safely only: ActiveRecord::RecordNotUnique do
  # all other exceptions will be raised

Silence exceptions

safely silence: ActiveRecord::RecordNotUnique do
  # code

Throttle reporting with:

safely throttle: {limit: 10, period: 1.minute} do
  # reports only first 10 exceptions each minute

Note: The throttle limit is approximate and per process.


Reports exceptions to a variety of services out of the box thanks to Errbase.

Customize reporting with:

Safely.report_exception_method = ->(e) { Rollbar.error(e) }

By default, exception messages are prefixed with [safely]. This makes it easier to spot rescued exceptions. Turn this off with:

Safely.tag = false

To report exceptions manually:


Data Protection

To protect the privacy of your users, do not send personal data to exception services. Filter sensitive form fields, use ids (not email addresses) to identify users, and mask IP addresses.

With Rollbar, you can do:

Rollbar.configure do |config|
  config.person_id_method = "id" # default
  config.scrub_fields |= [:birthday]
  config.anonymize_user_ip = true

While working on exceptions, be on the lookout for personal data and correct as needed.


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Everyone is encouraged to help improve this project. Here are a few ways you can help:

To get started with development and testing:

git clone
cd safely
bundle install
rake test