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Ruby s3 utils that use AWS SDK to work easily with IAM roles.


gem install s3utils

Setting up gem

AWS configuration is taken from one of the following places in the order given:

  1. If Environment Variable AWS_CREDENTIAL_FILE is set, it will look in the file. The file should have at least two lines:ยท



  1. Environment Variables: AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY

  2. If you are running this in an EC2 instance with IAM role, this will automatically pick up the configuration

Proxy Settings

If you are behind a proxy, set the environment variable: HTTPS_PROXY='https://user:[email protected]:443/'

Commands available after install

  s3cmd createbucket name                 # creates a bucket
  s3cmd deletebucket name [--force]       # deletes a bucket, if it is empty. --force will delete a non-empty bucket
  s3cmd deletekey bucket:key [--prefix]   # deletes a key in the given bucket. --prefix will delete all keys in the bucket with the prefix
  s3cmd get bucket:key file               # get the file for the key from the bucket
  s3cmd get_timestamp bucket:key          # get the last modified integer timestamp for the key from the bucket
  s3cmd help [TASK]                       # Describe available tasks or one specific task
  s3cmd list bucket:prefix                # list the keys of a bucket
  s3cmd listbuckets                       # lists all of the buckets in your account
  s3cmd move bucket:key bucket:key        # moves a file from one bucket to another
  s3cmd copy bucket:key bucket:key        # copies a file from one bucket to another
  s3cmd put bucket:key file               # puts a file for the key in the bucket
  s3cmd version                           #  gives the version of s3utils gem

Please Feel free to leave any issue you find