Ruby gem/command line tool for Incremental backuping to AWS S3.

My motivation for this was to be used in a backup container for docker. But it's a command line that can be used in any platform.

It will store a manifest.yml file in the root of the bucket, containing all file names and digests. On backup this file will be matched with a on time generated one, only updated/new files will be pushed to the bucket, and files that no longer exists will be deleted.

There's no versioning, but you could use s3 built in versioning.


  gem install s3ckup


Usage: s3ckup OPTIONS --folders folder1,folder2,...
    -k, --aws-key-id KEY_ID          AWS key id
    -a, --aws-access-key ACCESS_KEY  AWS access key
    -b, --s3-bucket BUCKET_NAME      S3 bucket name
    -r, --recursive                  Recursive mode
    -v, --verbose                    Verbose
    -f FOLDER1,FOLDER2,FOLDER3...,   Folder list, separated by ','


s3ckup -k $AWS_KEY -a $AWS_SECRET -b my_backup_bucket -r -f /myapp/uploads,/mydb/data