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Rubytest is a universal test harness for Ruby development. Think of Rubytest as a testing meta-framework. It defines a straight-forward specification that anyone can use to create their own testing DSLs quickily and easily. This can be used for testing end applcations or it can be used by test framework as a backend. In addition, since all Rubytest controls the backend, multiple frameworks can be used in a single test suite all of which can run through a single uniform interface in a process.

To learn more about Rubytest see

This project is a metapackage which bundles the rubytest gem and a common set of plugins for developer convenience. Instead of listing each individual gem in a project's Gemfile, just add rubytest-suite. This package includes the following gems:

See the various project sites for more details.


Rubytest is available as a gem metapackage. Install it manually with:

$ gem install rubytest-suite

Or add it yo your project's Gemfile.

gem "rubytest-suite"


Copyright (c) 2011 Rubyworks

Made available according to the terms of the BSD-2-Clause license.

See LICENSE.txt for details.