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This gem provides a plug-in for running Ruby Test based test framework tests via Rake.

Note that this implmentation does not shell-out, so tests are run from the same process as Rake. While it probably makes no difference, if you need a more prestine test environment in which Rake is not present, then use a different approach to running tests, such as writing a custom runner and shelling out to it.



$ gem install rubytest-rake


Using Bundler add to your Gemfile:

gem 'rubytest'
gem 'rubytest-rake'

Then on the command line:

$ bundle install


In your Rakefile add:

require 'rubytest-rake'

Test::Rake::TestTask.new do |run|
  run.load_path 'lib'
  run.test_files << 'test/test_*.rb'

The Rake task constructor supports the same interface as Test.configure.


If you use Rake and Ruby Test, please consider helping to make the Rake plugin better!



Copyright (c) 2012 Rubyworks

See LICENSE.txt for details.