A Ruby gem (and Rails plugin) which generates links for social bookmarking services.

Licensed under the MIT license (See COPYING file for details)

Author: James Smith ([email protected] /




1) Enable gems from gemcutter, if you haven't already done so:

> sudo gem install gemcutter
> sudo gem tumble

2) Install gem

> sudo gem install rubymarks


This gem can be used as a Rails plugin. You can either extract it into vendor/plugins, or use the new-style config.gem command in environment.rb. For example:

config.gem "Floppy-rubymarks", :lib => "rubymarks", :source => "", :version => '>= 0.0.1'


Once you've done that, you can use bookmark_tag in your views and controllers to generate an HTML link tag, or bookmark_url to just generate the URL. Examples:

bookmark_url :tinyurl, ""
bookmark_tag :facebook, "", :title => "Google"

Both functions accepts the following options - not all work with all services.

:title - a title for the link (string)
:text - some explanatory text to go with the link (string)
:new_window - open the bookmark link in a new window (true or false)

Services supported are: