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How the values in an image should be interpreted. For example, a three-band float image of type :lab should have its pixels interpreted as coordinates in CIE Lab space.

  • :multiband generic many-band image
  • :b_w some kind of single-band image
  • :histogram a 1D image, eg. histogram or lookup table
  • :fourier image is in fourier space
  • :xyz the first three bands are CIE XYZ
  • :lab pixels are in CIE Lab space
  • :cmyk the first four bands are in CMYK space
  • :labq implies #VIPS_CODING_LABQ
  • :rgb generic RGB space
  • :cmc a uniform colourspace based on CMC(1:1)
  • :lch pixels are in CIE LCh space
  • :labs CIE LAB coded as three signed 16-bit values
  • :srgb pixels are sRGB
  • :hsv pixels are HSV
  • :scrgb pixels are scRGB
  • :yxy pixels are CIE Yxy
  • :rgb16 generic 16-bit RGB
  • :grey16 generic 16-bit mono
  • :matrix a matrix