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Blend mode to use when compositing images. See Image#composite.

:clear - where the second object is drawn, the first is removed :source - the second object is drawn as if nothing were below :over - the image shows what you would expect if you held two semi-transparent slides on top of each other :in - the first object is removed completely, the second is only drawn where the first was :out - the second is drawn only where the first isn't :atop - this leaves the first object mostly intact, but mixes both objects in the overlapping area :dest - leaves the first object untouched, the second is discarded completely :dest_over - like :over, but swaps the arguments :dest_in - like :in, but swaps the arguments :dest_out - like :out, but swaps the arguments :dest_atop - like :atop, but swaps the arguments :xor - something like a difference operator :add - a bit like adding the two images :saturate - a bit like the darker of the two :multiply - at least as dark as the darker of the two inputs :screen - at least as light as the lighter of the inputs :overlay - multiplies or screens colors, depending on the lightness :darken - the darker of each component :lighten - the lighter of each component :colour_dodge - brighten first by a factor second :colour_burn - darken first by a factor of second :hard_light - multiply or screen, depending on lightness :soft_light - darken or lighten, depending on lightness :difference - difference of the two :exclusion - somewhat like :difference, but lower-contrast