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Ruby Tapas Downloader

Ruby Tapas is a great series of screencasts by Avdi Grimm. You should totally check it out if you don't already know it!

There's only one problem with Ruby Tapas, in my opinion: there's no way to watch it via straming. One can only download episodes, which soon becomes tedious.

Enters Ruby Tapas Downloader! It downloads all episodes and attachments, organizes them for later use and keeps an easy to use index of episodes.


$ gem install ruby-tapas-downloader


$ ruby-tapas-downloader download -e <email> -p <password> -d <download_path>

If you prefer, you can pre-configure, in that way you dont need authenticate every download.

$ ruby-tapas-downloader configure -e <email> -p <password> -d <download_path>

One other alternative is to pass/export env vars:

$ export [email protected]

$ ruby-tapas-downloader download


Except for a few episodes, Ruby Tapas is a paid screencast. Therefore, assert that you don't redistribute the downloaded material. Ruby Tapas Downloader is only an utility tool and doesn't substitute the subscription.

You should do no evil!


Thanks Avdi Grimm for putting all this great material out the door!

I learn a lot from you.