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What is this ?

I needed an interface to Supervisor, a python alternative to daemontools amongst others and since I did not found any in ruby I made mine !

Instead of blindly mapping the XML-RPC methods I decided to built an API which feels more like a native ruby API than an ugly java like thing.


require 'ruby-supervisor'
client ='', 9001,
    :user => 'user',
    :password => 'secret'

process = client.process('collectd')

puts "You are running supervisor version #{client.version}"

p process.state
# => :running

p, 21)
# => "some line of 21 bytes"



  • clone the repository
  • run "bundle"
  • run "bundle exec guard" to automatically run tests on changes
  • run "bundle exec rake rspec" to run all specs

Supported versions

  • ruby 1.9.2
  • ruby 1.8.7