ruby-minisat is ruby binding for MiniSat, an open-source SAT solver.


$ gem install ruby-minisat


A brief example that solves a simple SAT problem:

# solve (a or b) and (not a or b) and (a or not b)

require "minisat"
solver =

a = solver.new_var
b = solver.new_var

solver << [a, b] << [-a, b] << [a, -b]

p solver.solve  #=> true (satisfiable)

p solver[a]  #=> true
p solver[b]  #=> true

For more examples, see the examples directory in the distribution.

ruby-minisat is covered under the MIT License. This package includes MiniSat in the directory minisat which is also distributed under the MIT License. See minisat/minisat/LICENSE.


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