Module: RuboCop::OptionsHelp

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This module contains help texts for command line options.

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  only:                             'Run only the given cop(s).',
  only_guide_cops:                  ['Run only cops for rules that link to a',
                                     'style guide.'],
  except:                           'Disable the given cop(s).',
  require:                          'Require Ruby file.',
  config:                           'Specify configuration file.',
  auto_gen_config:                  ['Generate a configuration file acting as a',
                                     'TODO list.'],
  no_offense_counts:                ['Do not include offense counts in configuration',
                                     'file generated by --auto-gen-config.'],
                                    ['Do not include the date and time when',
                                     'the --auto-gen-config was run in the file it',
                                    ['Generate only Exclude parameters and not Max',
                                     'when running --auto-gen-config, except if the',
                                     'number of files with offenses is bigger than',
  exclude_limit:                    ['Used together with --auto-gen-config to',
                                     'set the limit for how many Exclude',
                                     "properties to generate. Default is #{MAX_EXCL}."],
  disable_uncorrectable:            ['Used with --auto-correct to annotate any',
                                     'offenses that do not support autocorrect',
                                     'with `rubocop:todo` comments.'],
  force_exclusion:                  ['Force excluding files specified in the',
                                     'configuration `Exclude` even if they are',
                                     'explicitly passed as arguments.'],
  ignore_disable_comments:          ['Run cops even when they are disabled locally',
                                     'with a comment.'],
  ignore_parent_exclusion:          ['Prevent from inheriting AllCops/Exclude from',
                                     'parent folders.'],
  force_default_config:             ['Use default configuration even if configuration',
                                     'files are present in the directory tree.'],
  format:                           ['Choose an output formatter. This option',
                                     'can be specified multiple times to enable',
                                     'multiple formatters at the same time.',
                                     '  [p]rogress (default)',
                                     '  [s]imple',
                                     '  [c]lang',
                                     '  [d]isabled cops via inline comments',
                                     '  [fu]ubar',
                                     '  [pa]cman',
                                     '  [e]macs',
                                     '  [j]son',
                                     '  [h]tml',
                                     '  [fi]les',
                                     '  [o]ffenses',
                                     '  [w]orst',
                                     '  [t]ap',
                                     '  [q]uiet',
                                     '  [a]utogenconf',
                                     '  custom formatter class name'],
  out:                              ['Write output to a file instead of STDOUT.',
                                     'This option applies to the previously',
                                     'specified --format, or the default format',
                                     'if no format is specified.'],
  fail_level:                       ['Minimum severity (A/R/C/W/E/F) for exit',
                                     'with error code.'],
                                    ['Only output offense messages at',
                                     'the specified --fail-level or above'],
  show_cops:                        ['Shows the given cops, or all cops by',
                                     'default, and their configurations for the',
                                     'current directory.'],
  fail_fast:                        ['Inspect files in order of modification',
                                     'time and stop after the first file',
                                     'containing offenses.'],
  cache:                            ["Use result caching (FLAG=true) or don't",
                                     '(FLAG=false), default determined by',
                                     'configuration parameter AllCops: UseCache.'],
  debug:                            'Display debug info.',
  display_cop_names:                ['Display cop names in offense messages.',
                                     'Default is true.'],
  display_style_guide:              'Display style guide URLs in offense messages.',
  extra_details:                    'Display extra details in offense messages.',
  lint:                             'Run only lint cops.',
  safe:                             'Run only safe cops.',
  list_target_files:                'List all files RuboCop will inspect.',
  auto_correct:                     'Auto-correct offenses.',
  safe_auto_correct:                'Run auto-correct only when it\'s safe.',
  fix_layout:                       'Run only layout cops, with auto-correct on.',
  color:                            'Force color output on or off.',
  version:                          'Display version.',
  verbose_version:                  'Display verbose version.',
  parallel:                         ['Use available CPUs to execute inspection in',
  stdin:                            ['Pipe source from STDIN, using FILE in offense',
                                     'reports. This is useful for editor integration.'],
  init:                             'Generate a .rubocop.yml file in the current directory.'