RuboCop Faker

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A RuboCop extension for Faker.

RuboCop Faker is a tool for converting your Faker's methods to the latest Faker argument style with static code analysis.

With RuboCop Faker you can upgrade your Faker 1 codes to Faker 2 in no time. It supports conversions for almost all of the Faker 2 changes.


Just install the rubocop-faker gem

gem install rubocop-faker

or if you use bundler put this in your Gemfile

gem 'rubocop-faker'


Here's an example.

Faker::Avatar.image(slug, size, format, set, bgset)

RuboCop Faker would convert it to the following Faker 2 form:

Faker::Avatar.image(slug: slug, size: size, format: format, set: set, bgset: bgset)


You need to tell RuboCop to load the Faker extension.

This gem offers the only Faker/DeprecatedArguments cop. It is intended to convert a Faker 2 compatible interface.

Command line

Check positional argument style before Faker 2.

% rubocop --require rubocop-faker --only Faker/DeprecatedArguments

Auto-correction to keyword argument style on Faker 2.

% rubocop --require rubocop-faker --only Faker/DeprecatedArguments --auto-correct


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.