RuboCop Airbnb

Airbnb specific analysis for RuboCop.

It contains Airbnb's internally used configuration for RuboCop and RuboCop RSpec. It also includes a handful custom rules that are not currently addressed by other projects.


Just put this in your Gemfile it depends on the appropriate version of rubocop and rubocop-rspec.

gem 'rubocop-airbnb'

Note: If you want to run with Ruby 2.2 you will need to set your version to 2

gem 'rubocop-airbnb', '~> 2'


You need to tell RuboCop to load the Airbnb extension. There are three ways to do this:

RuboCop configuration file

First Create a new file .rubocop_airbnb.yml in the same directory as your .rubocop.yml this file should contain

  - rubocop-airbnb

Next add the following to .rubocop.yml or add before .rubocop_todo.yml in your existing inherit_from

  - .rubocop_airbnb.yml
  - .rubocop_todo.yml

You need to inherit .rubocop_airbnb.yml from another file because of Rubocop order of operations. It runs inherit_from before require commands. If the configuration is not in a separate file you could potentially experience a bunch of warnings from .rubocop_todo.yml for non-existant Airbnb rules.

Now you can run rubocop and it will automatically load the RuboCop Airbnb cops together with the standard cops.

Command line

rubocop --require rubocop-airbnb

The Cops

All cops are located under lib/rubocop/cop/airbnb, and contain examples/documentation.

In your .rubocop.yml, you may treat the Airbnb cops just like any other cop. For example:

    - spec/my_poorly_named_spec_file.rb