It's like RSpec, but more spectacularer

When installing many of the most popular gems, they typically require some form of configuration to be added to your spec_helper.rb file in order to make them work properly in test mode.

Additionally, there are RSpec settings which are pretty standard for most users of the framework. Personally we found ourselves copying and pasting files from project to project. This was a huge nightmare.

What we decided to do was to package it all up as a gem so that we can simply include it in the project and update it as necessary. Version 1.x won't allow for too many different customizations, but the plan for 2.x is selective overriding of Rspectacular configuration decisions.

The philosophy behind this gem is to:

  • Retain uber-fast test startup times
  • Keep per-project configurations to a minimum

Obviously there may still need to be project-specific configurations that will need to take place. However, what you should see when you look at your spec's configuration should be things that are exceptional to your project; nothing more.

Welcome to Rspectacular.


Take a look at the project's Wiki for full details and usage.


If you have problems, please create a Github issue.



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