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Simple testing of Sidekiq jobs via a collection of matchers and common tasks

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gem "rspec-sidekiq"

There is no need to require "sidekiq/testing" when using rspec-sidekiq


RSpec::Sidekiq.configure do |config|
  # Clears all job queues before each example
  config.clear_all_enqueued_jobs = false # default => true



Describes the queue that the job should be processed in

it { should be_processed_in :download } } # one liner
expect(AwesomeJob).to be_processed_in :download # new expect syntax


Describes if the job retries when there is a failure in it's execution

it { should be_retryable true } } # one liner
expect(AwesomeJob).to be_retryable true # new expect syntax
# ...or alternatively specifiy the number of times it should be retried
it { should be_retryable 5 } } # one liner
expect(AwesomeJob).to be_retryable 5 # new expect syntax

be_unique (Only available when using sidekiq-middleware)

Describes if the job should be unique within it's queue

it { should be_unique } } # one liner
expect(AwesomeJob).to be_unique # new expect syntax


Evaluates that there is an enqueued job with the specified arguments

expect(AwesomeJob).to have_enqueued_job("Awesome", true) # new expect syntax


Evaluates the number of enqueued jobs for a specified job class

expect(AwesomeJob).to have_enqueued_jobs(1) # new expect syntax
# ...but you could just use
expect(AwesomeJob).to have(1).jobs
# ...or even
expect(AwesomeJob).to have(1)


bundle exec rspec spec


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